The Best Restaurants For Thanksgiving Dinner In Chicago


The Best Restaurants For Thanksgiving Dinner


Maple & Ash

It doesn’t get much more decadent than black truffle-rubbed turkey breast! The only restaurant daring enough to offer such a luxurious menu is Maple and Ash. Modern and elegant with touches of Art Deco beauty, this high-end restaurant invites you to a table decked out with roulade, brussel sprouts, chanterelles, pomme purée and black truffle jus.  8 West Maple, Chicago, IL 

The Publican

For those that prefer a more traditional home-style Thanksgiving dinner ... without the stress of planning and cooking, The Publican offers a ready take-home Thanksgiving feast catered to your picture perfect table! The Publican : 837 W Fulton, Chicago, IL

The Ritz Carlton

 Ready to take home for approximately 6-8 guests, new meaning to putting on the ritz! The Ritz Carlton Hotel : 160 E Pearson, Chicago, IL


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