More Reasons To Live In Florida : Steps To Empower


More Reasons To Live In Florida : Steps To Empower

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Taking Steps To Empower  & Protect Floridians


Governor Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan To Use $205.7 Million From Opioid Settlement To Combat Crisis: Included:

- $26.8 Million to expand the CORE Network

- $10.2 Million to establish the Office of Opioid Recovery

- $39.4 Million for Prevention

- $92.5 Million for Treatment

- $25.3 Million for Recovery & Peer Support

- $11.3 Million for New Database


Protecting & Empowering Our Athletes

Two years ago, FL became one of the first states in the nation to permit student-athletes to be compensated for use of their names, image & likeness. The NIL bill will further benefit student-athletes while ensuring they're protected from commercial exploitation.

Protecting Floridians DIGITAL Rights

Florida's Digital Bill of Rights will ensure Floridians have the right to:

- Private conversations without surveillance by Big Tech

- Participate online without unfair censorship

- See internet search engines manipulation

- Control personal data

- Protect children from online harms


Illegal Aliens / Migrants

Gov Ron DeSantis continues to transport illegal migrants to sanctuary cities. Our tax dollars support the community that legally chooses to live and appreciate Florida & America.



ESG is a threat to the American economy and the individual freedoms that our country is built upon. And also has very little to do with the actual environment. Florida has blocked this. DOA.


Government of LAWS Not Politics & Wokeness

Our legislative proposal will ensure that financial institutions will no longer be able to discriminate against hard-working Floridians and small businesses on the basis of political, religious or social beliefs.

$ 2 Billion Family Focused Tax Relief

n this year’s Framework for Freedom budget, we have proposed a record $2 billion in tax relief for Florida families. With high inflation hurting families across the country, here in Florida, we are providing meaningful relief to help those grappling with rising costs.


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