Here's Where Young Wealthy Americans Are Moving! Miami


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This isn't your parents Florida! 

In case, you missed the memo, Miami is the #1 luxury market in the U.S!

Young rich New Yorkers are fleeing New York and California for ...... FLORIDA, especially Miami!

Florida USED to be known as a retirement destination, but NOW it’s attracting plenty of young — and wealthy — newcomers. Florida is the No. 1 state bringing in and keeping the young and rich, according to a recent analysis from SmartAsset, which ranked states based on net migration.

The financial site determined the states netting the most young professionals, ages 26 to 35, who earn at least $200,000 per year in adjusted gross income, based on the most recent publicly available IRS numbers from 2021.

That year, some 3,391 high-earning young people moved to Florida; 1,216 left, leaving the state with a net migration of 2,175 wealthy young people, as determined by SmartAsset.

Here’s why young Americans pulling in at least $200,000 per year are moving:

States like Florida stand out to young wealthy people for a number of reasons, DeJohn tells CNBC Make It. They’re home to newer tech hot spots like Miami, where opportunities can “attract those with niche or exceptional skills and experience looking to further develop their careers.” Warm weather and zero income tax are a selling point, too.

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